Best of the "12EPs in 12 months"

by Toehider

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Dave This release covers some of the best elements of progressive rock. The Queen-esque riffs and vocals mixed with some darker melodic passages, all with a strong narrative in many of the songs. Favorite track: I See Gridlines - from "Not Much of a Man".
Brian Mason
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Brian Mason Awesome! Actually reminds me of Queen, particularly their '70's material. Favorite track: Old Old Old - from "Old Old Old".


From 2009-2010 Toehider released 12 EPs over the course of 12 months.
At the end of the project, fans picked the best of the 12 albums.

There is at least one song from every EP, with the exception of "How Did Counterquistle Lose His Pyjamas?" because that one was pretty bollocks.

NOTE the track "Toe Hider cuts off at the end. This is intentional. There's an old Dream Theater song called "Pull Me Under" which does the same, and I like that.


released June 12, 2010

Michael Mills (not the REM guy) - everything except -
drums on track 3 - Peter Marin
percussion on track 11 - Talia Browne
Guitar on track 13 - Lachlan "Rocklan" Barclay

All songs written by Michael Mills (@toehider)
All artwork by Andrew Saltmarsh (@saltmarsh)

Recorded between May 2009 - April 2010



all rights reserved


Toehider Melbourne, Australia

The work of musician Micheal Mills and artist Andrew Saltmarsh.

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Track Name: Toe Hider - from "Toe Hider"
I saw the clock
(and I) dashed for my socks
I untwisted the lock when...


But it was strange
coz I wasn't afraid
but I, I have to say
that it was more than a little unnerving when he said;

"There'll be no moonlighting in the moonlight, children
No sightseeing in the sea
And you'll be best to cover up your feet soon darlings,
or best you give your toes to me...

And the word got around, spreading right across town, that when he wore his night gown
it was single...
....triple the fun!
When the angle was right, in the sultry moonlight, he would give us a fright..
and we all stood pretty much motionless as he went;

"You'll have no more offers from the office, ladies
No tip-toe'ing round the truth.
And there'll be no smashing of your packets either,
Lest I give these toes... TO YOU!!"

Now, the ending of this fable sees the youngen (small and able)
duck her head under the table
With her mouth all full of chewing gum-ooooh!

Could you believe it? Well I guess you had to see it,
little toes, stuck with adhesive

for to catch a...
Catch a toe hii--- der!!

Yeah, the purple-y muck, had him awfully stuck, and so all out of luck
Shoulders shrugged he
sat down be-side her.

And you know ,I confess, I suppose
that to say
that I was suprised
would be a great understatement,
when he turned to the children and spoke....

"Don't you worry much about your Hallux, Alex
Gone are slippers in the heat.
And there'll be no more fidgeting your digits, Bridget
I see you like them more than me...

So now go on with twinkling in the wet grass children,
And moonlight-dancing for the win!
And there'll be no more toe hiding, I promise kids, but
[maybe I could tuck them in?]"
Track Name: I Must Say Yes - from "Toehider Too!"
I must say yes.
twice in a row.

What started as a humble observation
Now completely owns and all-consumes my life
I can't hold it off for long, coz the urge is much too strong
I must affirm it, my agreeance, why?
(tell me why!)
It started with a friendly conversation.
Just the 2 of us engaged in repartee
You turned and asked of me, "would one like a cup of tea?"
To which I replied, "oh my, I must say

I must say yes.
twice in a row.

I'm sorry that I wrecked the celebrations
And made all your friends and family feel ill at ease
And I do apologize for being too extreme, but
It's just comes out, most inappropriately

But it's nothing that your sister couldn't handle
(ooh I bet she can handle it!)
'n your old lady never made it to her eightieth a par-ha-teee.
Your father couldn't find the wind to blow the candles.
It's not like everything else was cream cheese...

So dear old boy, if it were up to me
I'm afraid that I would, I'd say

I must say yes.
twice in a row.

I've tried too hard to work my way around it.
"I concur" or simply that I must agree.
But see, it simply won't suffice, I just gotta say this twice.
..or maybe MORE would really drive it home, y'think?

And fuck me if this isn't getting harder!
The whole debacle's gone completely wrong
From a single puny voice
I've just confirmed what I've known all along...

(gotta say yes, I must say yes yes, I gotta say yes...)

I must say yes.
twenty two times.