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Stéphane Gallay
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Stéphane Gallay Malgré le côté éminemment bordélique de l’ensemble, il y a une maturité certaine dans cet album. Si vous n’avez pas peur des expérimentations exothermes qui sentent le soufre (entre autres) et qui ne se prennent pas trop au sérieux – tout en étant faites de façon très sérieuse – I Like It! devrait avoir de quoi vous combler. (Chroniqué sur alias.erdorin.org) Favorite track: He's There... And Then He Does THAT.
Michael Hodge
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Michael Hodge I love stories in music, and the comical twist Toehider manages to put on his lyrics never fails to make me smile, while still having absolutely amazing musical talent. I can't wait to hear more. Favorite track: Moon and Moron.
Cyril Glaume
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Cyril Glaume 4 albums (bon, en fait c'est plus compliqué), 4 merveilles. Celui-ci sera sur le podium 2020, c'est sûr !

Pour en savoir plus : www.coreandco.fr/chroniques/toehider-i-like-it-7937.html Favorite track: Moon and Moron.
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Fire up that grey old machine that I picked up for under a grand, say and let’s drive it out at night on a dead straight piece of road! I thought that from a distance, if I squint, it kinda reminds me of that car from BTTF - The DeLorean DMC-12 It wasn’t even based on a desire to go fast, no I just thought that’s what men are supposed to do Like playing football, swearing, making fun of people’s haircuts and not talking about your feelings or your fears When I got my license I didn’t drive for the whole of the month that I got it I didn’t feel all that “finally, freedom!” stuff you see in films and TV But maybe blame me or wait, no, you should blame it on that awful desert town swelter But some stupid voice that night on the dark road was incessantly telling me to - [diga diga diga diga] GO FULL BORE [diga diga diga diga] GO FULL BORE [diga diga diga diga] GO FULL BORE [dig diga digg] GO FULL BORE Blasting Bathory cassettes, high on bad production Eating stale old sausage rolls from dodgy petrol stations It was the late 90’s but my head was in the 80’s..( in the 90’s, 80’s stuff was lame as hell) Feeling isolated in the middle of the country it was midnight and I wasn’t doing well I recently dreamt that these wheels were collectible, prized & highly sought after And my ex girlfriend stole mine and totalled it trying to do a burn out on the grass And I woke up with an unruly feeling, an odd weird desire to drive that old Magna.. Well anyway.. Back to my story, I was out there alone when that voice screamed again - GO FULL BORE GO FULL BORE GO FULL BORE I gradually stepped on the pedal & I got it to 140 km’s an hour The steering wheel started to shake a bit and I got nervous, so I slowed back down The next day was more or less normal, except for some reason I told my father And he rarely got pissed off with me, but I heard the tone in his voice change as he said - NO FULL BORE NO FULL BORE NO FULL BORE
wellgivit 04:38
Feel like you’re caught up in a proton stream Think you’ve had one too many photon dreams Your lazer only has one setting… stun 10 print “bodacious” 20 goto 10 Run The moon, it isn’t shy, it’s just polite You know what time it is, it’s “freezeframed midnight” You’re in the future though you’re from the present Fully charged, never not one hundred percent The sky is very noisy So I’d recommend you turn it down And when we die we maybe go up there… or something You may be well before your time, it could be that we’re too far behind Maybe we’re faultlessly aligned. You have it? wellgivit See, I think you’re outshining the sun, frayed ends of hangups come undone To think your beast is still to come. You have it. wellgivit Feel like a mirrorball on highspeed dub Swaying in the glow of a neon nightclub Or maybe on the moon, bouncing...waiting The land was real but we just faked escaping Imagine shooting out a billion beams Once every second - hypercolour slipstream We’ll “drive” at “night” to keep our “paint” from “peeling” Be careful! Even your emotions have feelings This guy is very nosy, (picture me digging my thumbs into my chest) When we live, we may as well live down here… or something Roll out the light and run it deep. Put this thing on and hit repeat Wake up the city from it’s sleep. You have it. wellgivit Cough up your keys, ignite the spark. Dig out your mind, blow it apart. Max out the settings of your heart. You have it. Wellgivit
Mine is a mind that is tired all the time It gets harder to find a good time to unwind Back to work, I guess that's fine..? Try to stay focused, put my head down We can't all be kings, we can't all fit the crown Flood that silence out with sounds For a moment I'm grateful, haughty and proud And then I'll see someone that's similar to me But fitter and more nicely lit Instantly up floods the blood spitting spite and I feel my self worth shot to shit Admit it's a sin, else it's hard to repent You can't rape the willing, I give you consent! Fire and blood's a stifling scent.. Squandering passion has left me bereft Exhausted and spent - there's no fight in me left Should I lay down and wait for death? Am I self-absorbed, or just self obsessed? Give me the spotlight and I'll hide in the wings It's not even clear what I want Tell friends that I'm quitting for the millionth time Get mad when they act nonchalant Everyone fakes that they're doing so great No-one's admitting it's hard Well, I can fake a half-smile use big words and act smart But I can't fake not having an awful, rancorous heart Further on down I can feel in my core that there's something important amiss And you'd think I should know that I shouldn't compare and just fuckin get on with it Give me the spotlight and I'll hide in the wings. Tell me to sit and I'll fly I look like an old man and I act like a kid And I live like I'm ready to die No-one improves from feeling content. We risk it and pull it apart I can half-fake politeness and witty remarks But I can't fake not owning a caring, yet rancorous heart
I walk this planet in search of knowledge and of truth & yes the moon’s a spaceship, & yes I have the proof An ancient astronaut came & told me in a dream That the moon is mostly hollow (save for circuits and steel beams) We’re being lied to, it seems Do you have any evidence at all to back these claims? Would you rather trust your senses than to have to use your brains? Why do you choose to just ignore what scientists have said? You imbecile, it’s not the moon that’s hollow, it’s your head You’re a moron. I roam this flat earth in pursuit of the lizard men Your Queen’s a cannibal, your leader’s hiding nephilim Do you not hear that incessant ringing coming from the skies? The moon’s a giant spaceship controlled by otherworldly spies Stay woke and open your eyes Not only are you dumb and wrong, your mind’s completely cooked You have spent too many years alone with science fiction books I don’t believe a word of it you idiotic man You’ll have to show me facts and stats, or I won’t give a damn There are people with equipment who have studied it for years It’s not the moon that rings, it’s your disgusting, waxed up ears Do you have any evidence at all to back these claims? Would you rather trust your senses than to have to use your brains? See I too don’t trust the government, I guess you got me there And I do agree they try to keep us all asleep and scared.. Well the more I sit and listen, yeah, the more I hear it too And the more I watch, the more I question if all I’m taught is true Could it be that everything that I’ve been told is false and wrong? If it’s not the moon that’s ringing, then where is that coming from?
#16 - Concerning Lix & Fairs Concerning Lix & Fairs, well that’s a good‘un And I hope you have the ear strength to listen to the whole thing Lix was a good man, to be sure, and sure liked to have his good fun And like everyone, he has his flaws, and yep, overpartying’s one So when Malcolm came in to dust the suspects, Lix fired a shot of “All-Ray” With a whoosh he was whisked to the nearby woods, and time skipped to later that day Ok I’m not sure, I can’t really say Just how he obtained that weird “All-Ray” Nah I don’t know, (and I really don’t care) But I remember the night that Lix found Fairs; A poison dart frog *clicks fingers* that’s right! A bright tiny son-of-a-gun He spotted the leap-about late that night while trawling the woods for his son So Lix picks him up with a stick ‘n says “hi” to his new dendrobatidae chum “You’re small as a tick - I’m calling you FAIRS” It lept in the brim of the hat on his head 2 new friends, an unlike-ely pair The old mate Lix and a frog named Fairs 2 best friends, the inseparable pair The moustached Lix and the dart frog Fairs In the fragile hours of the night/day downgrade They came across the eggshell, and weird track marks in the sand Followed them for oh, maybe 7 hours? Through trampled weeds and flowers It led them to the site Of the parliament of owls at their annual meeting Another baffled greeting, as they explain “He was just here!” They drew another map, and so he headed westward But the owl’s directions and the creature’s tracks didn’t correspond... Lix was a mess - a panic attack! But Fairs calmly croaked in the brim of his hat A mash of the keys, and a shot of All-Ray Didn’t help as the same spot there they stayed Now Lix didn’t know how fast he could run With a poncho, hat and a fickle ray gun But I couldn’t time, I wouldn’t dare How quick was the air from Lix & Fairs Now listener, don’t be sad When I tell you they almost nearly made it They watched the creature dive in... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The weird All-Knowing activates its suckers and it latched to that which hatched. But soon it gets distracted - whack! Attacked there by our moustached hero with the All-Ray in his hand! Then a frog to feast on flaps its flippers, so the fierce old cephalo pod springs forth (with fifty hundred fangs) and goes to chomp our now huge friend with poison oozing from its skin! Fiddling controls again, Lix takes another shot but WHAT? Fairs leaps out in the way! Oblivious to what is happening Suddenly Fairs is large! Big as a whale so Lix jumps on oh no, the monster lunges, Lix has no other choice but to Sacrifice Fairs, his best friend just to save himself The squiddy beast poisoned, all shrivelled it be The rock creature sunk on down into the sea Lix swam to shore with tears in his eyes And Fairs shrunk back down to his usual size And Malcolm would pass, and who should he find? Well, maybe we’ll leave that till next time
Of course there’s a limit. I can’t and won’t deny It’s obvious this doesn’t go forever But think of it as freedom. A goal with an end in sight If you like, we can go through with this together With thought, we hinder action To act is to combine with time Through time, we learn to harness thought It all perpetuates and permeates The Ultimate Exalter We exist in a quandary. It’s irrefutable And the power does no favours when it changes hands But I’m alive, goddamn it. I’m a mire of blood and flesh! And I’ll rise - engulf the sky to eat the God of man. Pride brings on elated joy With joy, comes a guilt-ridden pain Let pain absolve the suffering! Allow the farce to end, and thus begin The Ultimate Exalter
I saw Mrs. Troffea through my kitchen window, looking rather pale and thin though (I dunno) Whilst her face looked weary, her body moved in frenzy Wild & tempestuously. Really! I called “Ma’am, are you alright? It’s quite after midnight. The moon is off-white and very bright. She looked bang-on at me, all contorted, ghastly And said, no, gasped at me - “Do you know why it is I cannot stop dancing? I try to calm myself but I keep on dancing My feet are killing me, hips are failing me, I can’t breathe oh.. Can someone tell me why I cannot stop dancing? No really sir, I think that I have a problem - I’m out of rhythm~the beat is missing ~it’s non-existent” Then from out of nowhere, people came and joined in, and boogie’d down until the morning (not me though) What a sight to witness , peasants in the dawnglow with muddy pantaloon-o’s (psychos!) “Hot blood” cited officials. “Excited individuals”. And from my window, I saw them call in musicians! To play the rhythms to get it outta their systems But they were screaming now - “Does anyone know why I cannot stop dancing? I’m serious I really cannot stop dancing My toes are blistery, knees are history, I can’t see oh.. I cannot breathe and yet I cannot stop dancing My hair is shedding, teeth are rotted and rancid It’s been a week I’ve been on this street, I can barely speak-oh The sound of scuffling sandals echoed out across the wind Hordes of people bobbing, bleeding from their scabby shins One by one they’d wig out, then collapse down on the ground Piling up and forming a disturbing body mound There they swayed and writhed and crunched. Those poor 400 souls Falling to their death exhausted, don’t know how to stop Music made it worse, that was a very bad idea Not efficacious, more contagious, less than gracious, quite hellacious Now my whole family’s buried in those mountains And all my friends are dead, they died of dancing
Another rat trap snaps in perfect unison Another wide-eyed body on the pile There’s a way to patch the hole they scurry in I just haven’t had time Gather up your whims and things you wish against Shoot ‘em straight into the sun Burn your pleasure centres out on liquorice Have you never had fun? A prune’s not a poor man’s plum Wit’s not a clever man’s sarcasm Your mind and your thoughts aren’t one And bats aren’t birds There are eight ways to solve every prob-e-lem And maybe one or two are good There are five that look much more appealing than Than the one you should Do is not the same as done - Pride’s just well-tempered ego Luck’s not an oft beat drum - And acts aren’t words A prune’s not a poor man’s plum - Wit’s not a clever man’s sarcasm Your mind and your thoughts aren’t one - And bats aren’t birds Your big toe is just a well hid thumb - And talent = highly beamed obsession The earth’s but a cosmos crumb - Or maybe I’m just a ploughman’s son - Too ill equipped for philosogy I find that my feelings run - When i've Maxed out words A prune’s not a poor man’s plum - Wit’s not a clever man’s sarcasm Your mind and your thoughts aren’t one...2 34 And bats aren’t birds
No-one was sure when he moved there, it’s like he just appeared Kinda old, not young, no interesting features (‘cept a beard) And he only came out from his house to get his weekly mail And to collect some stamps and envelopes - always without fail This day, his neighbour came and knocked - “Hello! my name is Joan I rarely see you leave your house, do you live here alone?” He oddly recognized her as a “yes” escaped his mouth “Could you come in a sec? I need to figure some things out..” The town pretty much carries on its day And the people all go about their way The sun may shine but the wind blows cold And it carries whispers & secrets told And that’s how it goes for the guy that no-one really knows So, William was the postal man that Joan was married to He saw the two of them converse from down a street or two He watched an hour till finally they both stepped back outside They hugged, he squeezed her hand, she stroked his face there as he cried A man of rocky temperament was William to be sure He fumed back to the mailroom. Angrily he slammed his door Unconscious thought is a funny thing, and rage is hard to hide No less when staring at a carton of Rodenticide “We gave you up, but understand I was a nervous dumb young man And I know it’s hard but keep it quiet for now We must get hold of your Mum somehow I will write back home” said the guy that no-one really knows There’s no relief from loneliness, for that there’s no respite It just makes you make poor choices that will keep you up at night And what’s the point of jealousy? What even is it for? That bitter claim of ownership over what your heart adores And if you can’t speak the words and thoughts your stormy brain’ll bring You can write ‘em down and send ‘em off, it’s mostly the same thing They only thought something was up when his mailbox overflowed A month or so of letters scattered all over the road They found him on a Monday, inside his house alone With no suspicious circumstances, cause of death unknown Said Joan “Oh Bill, he was my Dad. He told me back in June” He began to shake and nervously that William left the room And the next day, well, she found him hanging, swinging in the breeze With a letter of confession in the pocket of his jeans “I don’t know how to think too much The glue would sting as the tongue did touch I saw you two and I jumped the gun I can’t handle the guilt o’er what I done” But the town pretty much carried on its day And the people all went about their way The sun will burn and the winds howl cold And it’ll carry the tales & the stories old It carried them, too, ‘bout the guy that no-one really knew Oh his time was due, the guy that no-one really knew And it’s mostly true, this story of the guy that no-one really knew And thus concludes my yarn about the guy that no-one really knew
And here he is with some slight variations But other than that, well there’s not much to comment on Similar. Not identical, but mostly the same He thinks about all of the chances he’s floundered He picks up the pieces, but scatters them out again He never learns - the mess just seems to only get worse (sax solo by Jeremy Diffey) Then he’ll inexplicably find motivation You’ll see it, his eyes won’t be so sullen anymore But it won’t last long! - and everything will be as it was And out of nowhere, he’ll burst out with laughter So overwhelmed with how funny it’s turning out Hilarious. Trying things he’s already tried He’s there, and then he does that Trying to turn it around like he always does He’s there, and then he does that He does that, but only sometimes He’s good for a while until all of a sudden The burden of all of his responsibilities Wipes him out - leaves him in a pile on the ground People are plentiful with their suggestions Making themselves feel like they are contributing But he’s on to them! Shutting out friend after friend He’s there, and then he does that Convinced that there’s more and that this isn’t good enough He’s there, and then he does that He does that, but only sometimes Running on instinct and fear like an animal I hope you realise that this is all there is Nothing changes, it simply will be this You’ll struggle with the same things you always have And take for granted the stuff that’s not so bad Things will stay more or less the same Minor details, nothing much will change Not the future, nor in what you’ve left behind You’ll never cross it If you keep shifting that line Or maybe some other time?
I am a wizard. I wasn’t born one, I have learnt my craft with time I’m often in the woods honing my spells of shock and ice But I’m a poor man. The local mages teach their wizdom at great price I try selling things at my market stall - hyssop, sage and thyme.. But one night I saw a winged beast come swooping down from high It’s fiery breath lit up the forest sky My hands did shake, but I blasted frozen electricity straight in its mouth and it fell into the trees! Acting on instinct I scaled the tree trunk, and I scaled its scaley tail It’s flinching slowly faded. My bravery had prevailed I was a hero! I’d saved the town, I’d saved their lives! Yet no-one saw.. I needed proof. I reached inside its mouth - yanked at its jaw I put it in a case and proudly placed it at my stall But for the reaction I was not prepared at all... “How much for that dragon tooth?” is what they said to me “The one there in that old glass case you keep under lock and key?” “How much for that dragon tooth?” one warrior exhaled I shook my head and simply said “this tooth is not for sale” When I was younger I read an ancient book detailing the cursed dragon’s teeth - Stronger than a sword, pity all it met with underneath The problem being When the tooth comes in contact with the blood it draws The dragon is reborn, even stronger than before! But curses, I’m so poor and sick and in debt to all the mages And a mage will not accept his wage in sage... “How much for that dragon tooth?” one man was getting mad And I was getting desperate, for I’d spent all that I had “How much for that dragon tooth!?” My stomach was in knots I frowned my brow, looked up and said “well how much have you got?” I took his bags of gold, I paid my debts and left that place (I was 4 miles up a mountain by this stage) I turned, just for a moment when I heard the howls of pain And my eyes met with a town engulfed in flames.. “How much for that dragon tooth?” is what they said to me “The one there in that old glass case you keep under lock and key…?” “How much for the dragon tooth?” those words pervade my thoughts Well, what’s the cost of glory? Can it simply not be bought? “How much for that dragon tooth?” A spell of shock and ice. How much is “not enough”, you fools, can you afford the price?
I LIKE IT! 06:21
The shadow serves as a blanket for your every move But it’s useless if it’s already dark It hasn’t got that much of a heart, and much less to prove And even less still it has at stake Nothing more than a numbing for the searing pain of life Nostalgically manipulative But I like it. I like it. It’s really fun and I like it Is it weird that I like it? It’s kinda nice and I like it. My shadow likes to absorb my past and claim it as its own My coattails threadbared, caliginous. I’d say my shadow’s seen better days - it’s lazier now I want to force it to change its ways. Something less than the fiery mess in a dull respite of death Nothing more than a numbing for what? Unassuming, almost ingenious But I like it, I like it. I’m obligated to like it I like it, yes I like it I've got no choice but to like it Please step down - Fatigued from all of your following around Please step aside - Act while you still have some semblance of pride Now step down - you're just an absence of light hitting the ground Now step ahead -has my shadow now become my silhouette?



Over the last couple of years myself and Salty put together 40+ pieces and asked the 250+ amazing individuals on patreon to vote on which 12 songs were the absolute magic, the primary examples, cat's pyjamas, the bunyip's baps, the certified BEST of the lot to release to the public in the form of an album.

Yes, the songs on this album were hand-picked by the most hardcore Toehider fans. Brilliant! Also this release will be a first for Toehider as it will also be available as a double 180gram gatefold-sleeve vinyl.

--a note to the lucky people that got in early on the 24hr sale last year--
I printed some patreon-exclusive CDs to give out to Toehider patrons, and I had some spares leftover. I asked them what I should do with them, and they said "sell them!", so that's what you got. This new album "I Like It!" has some selections from that exclusive album you were lucky enough to get.

'I LIKE IT' is out on Friday 4 September
(Bandcamp release date will be updated every few weeks, it only allows pre-orders up to 90 days in advance)

*NOTE* Vinyls may take a little longer than the release date. This is due to the lengthy process of vinyl production/checking test pressings etc.


released September 4, 2020

Mike Mills - music.
Andrew Saltmarsh - artwork and design.

Special guest saxophone solo - Jeremy Diffey


all rights reserved



Toehider Melbourne, Australia

The work of musician Micheal Mills and artist Andrew Saltmarsh.

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