by Toehider




What a stupid way to end my holiday
I’m writing this to let you know that I’m not okay
I’ve boarded up the windows and locked up the gates
A pen in one hand, in the other, a serrated blade…
by the time you read this, it will be too late.

like a wolf with its howl at my door.


I started out okay, until the trouble came
And with it, sullen blank-eyed staring...rot in the veins...
There’s nothing in the way of much to celebrate
I guess its best to cut myself off, to isolate
It’s lucky, in a way, that I’ve got shit for braaaaiinnsss

Like a wolf to a house made of straw
(We’ll blow the damn house in…)


I can’t escape it, aw they’re tryin to get inside of my head
I can’t depend on any friends, to me they’re pretty much dead
With barely 5 steps from the door, and I’m surrounded in sin
I feel the stares, all around me, chaos caving me in

Consider this a warning, fully laid out in a letter
I tried to call for help but I was stuck, I guess I’ll never remember…
Oh so clever…

What an awful day to spend in sheer dismay
I never ever thought that I would go out this way
What a stupid way to end my holiday…

Like a wolf with my neck in its jaw



released March 9, 2014
Mike - most things.



all rights reserved


Toehider Melbourne, Australia

The work of musician Micheal Mills and artist Andrew Saltmarsh.

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