"Whatever Makes You Feel Superior" single

by Toehider



(from the forthcoming album "What Kind of Creature Am I?")

This is probably the most over-the-top thing Toehider has done. More over the top than arm wrestling Sylvestor Stallone so hard that the bone pops out of the skin. More over the top than Orson Welles providing the voice to a giant robotic planet that's like 400 times the size of a regular Transformer. Heavily influenced by the likes of The Darkness, Lionel Ritchie, Twelve Foot Ninja, Queen, and the melismatic Mariah Carey, this track is fun for the whole family. In fact, here is a review of the track by a family of 4...

"I like this song as it reminds me of cool old stuff from the 70's when men were not afraid to scream their nuts out" - Dad

"This is a nice song because lyrically it sends a message of tolerance, and promotes the idea that although we all may have different beliefs and opinions, we can all live in harmony. Plus the band name is cute and fun xx" - Mum

"This song has big djenty 8 string guitar riffs and it sounds like something out of a damn Michael Bay film. Even though I don't watch Michael Bay films, I'm into anime. But whatevs" - Brother

"I think its fun and catchy and it has a good beat. Also I know Amy." - Sister

Pets such as dogs for example think its cool too so



released August 5, 2013

Amy Campbell - bass
Lachlan Barclay - guitars
Micheal Adam Mills - all kinds of fun things

epic artwork by Andrew Saltmarsh



all rights reserved


Toehider Melbourne, Australia

The work of musician Micheal Mills and artist Andrew Saltmarsh.

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