2015 - Mainly Songs About Robots

by Toehider



Toehider's 15th EP.
This one features none other than Vinny Appice (Derringer, Black Sabbath, Dio, Kill Devil Hill) on drums.
Featuring 3 new songs and a re-interpretation of "Magnetic Farmer/Gridlines" from the acoustic "Not Much of a Man" EP.

"Mike has written and played on some of the coolest songs and riffs on this new release. He goes way way beyond musically, with cutting edge songs and a voice, range and melody that is incredible." Vinny Appice


released September 4, 2015

Micheal A Mills - whistling, other things
Vinny Appice - drums
Andrew Saltmarsh - lead and rhythm artwork



all rights reserved


Toehider Melbourne, Australia

The work of musician Micheal Mills and artist Andrew Saltmarsh.

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Track Name: On and On
Contumacious, inept and brainless
over confident, outspoken and courageous
I’d go on and on and on and on and on about him.
Problematic, and so dramatic
like an elephant in musth, so damn erratic.
And I’d go on and on and on and on and on about him.
A full extremist, obsessed completist
I’d know these things that were not any of my business
But I’d go on and on and on...

Seemed so untouchable, wild, irresponsible
Why was I so drawn to that?
Horse blinkers on I was closed off from everyone and
so much other great stuff....

Hedonistic, masochistic
Fulfill my expectations, completely unrealistic
Still, I’d go on and on and on and on about him
I’d get defensive, overprotective
I’d get so wound up and forget taste is subjective
I’d just go on and and on and on and on about it

Stupid elitist, I was transfixed and heedless, oh man
Why was I fascinated?
Not cool to be around, I’d bring my family down
Sick of listening to his licks
Horse blinkers on I was closed off from everyone and
so much other great stuff....

It takes 10 or 20 years to soothe a swollen heart
But every time I’d try, he’d leave another bloated mark
How many wishes do you spend on a rebound?
And it’s all but over when your heroes let you down.

No more ambitions, no compositions
Seems to me he chooses to no longer listen
He just goes on and on and without it.

Just horrendous! And so pretentious
I’ve waited too long for him to something tremendous
STILL I go on and on...
Track Name: What I Saw
You think THAT was messed up?
You think that’s obscene?
My friend, what I witnessed
cannot be unseen
Aww guy, that was nothing
I’m still in awe of what I saw.

The scent of that fluid
The grinding of gears
the squeaking of the hospital bed
pervaded my ears
Oh I’d never heard so much torture before
ooohh that thing I saw...

_Well if it indeed was what I thought it was
I’m not sure if I should report it or not
My opinion of mankind morality quickly diminishes
Put it down to, I guess, the car crash effect
When I caught glimpse of all the bruising on his neck
All I could think was “wow, how will this work when he finishes?
Or IT finishes….?”
uuurrgghhh what an eyesore

Now, I think I’m quite open, not prudish nor prim
Consensual people should feel free to do what pleases them
But this was unhealthy, there should be a law against what I saw.

Well, from there things got awkward, yeah it got even worse
His legs got all twisted, and he buzzed in the nurse
Oh she came in and slipped up on the oil on the floor
uurrgghh what I saw...
Track Name: Gridlines '15
I tried to teach them, I pleaded with them
They wouldn't listen to a goddamn word I said
I tried to help them, I tried to warn them
They wouldn't listen, lord and now their son is dead.

See, I see gridlines, sometimes in straight lines.
And there be danger where the gridlines meet...

I see them glowing here on the surface
They're running deep lord, deep within the dirt
And the streams were crossing under his bed there
And that was why lord, why their young boy hurt
But hell, they put all their faith in Jesus
But where's your Jesus when the devil does his worst?
You want an answer, to heal his cancer?
Then move his bed along closer to the wall.
See, I see gridlines, sometimes in straight lines
And he's sleeping right there, where the crosses fall

But they say I'm crazy! They ALL think I'm crazy!
"Ohh, you're just an old man who's clearly lost his mind!"
But your son is dying! Oh goddamn, he's dying!
And it's all because of the water in these lines!

See, I see Gridlines, sometimes in straight lines
And there be danger where the gridlines meet.

I tried to warn them, but he died last autumn
There goes another soul that I wish I could have saved
I tried to help them, but they had to bury him.
And don't get me started on where they've dug his grave…
Track Name: No, Not You... YOU
I’m left with no distinguishable features God, I barely even recognize myself
Why does my reflection look so distant? Why do I feel in a constant state of poor health?
It’s roughly 3 years since the doctors and I decided we’d take action so this disease wouldn’t spread
Every day when I’d look down, I’d be reminded that I’d retained my life, but lost both of my legs

At first I was content with these replacements. Stronger than I ever thought I’d be
But soon my self esteem flipped to abasement when people gawked at my anomaly


Seems as though the sun stays out forever. I remember how that heat felt on my skin
Now all I feel is the occasional vibration through this system of sensors I’ve been set in.

They tried their best, but it just kept on spreading and within a month my arms were done as well
And as you’d guess, so was my entire torso, now I’m not much but a cold mechanic shell

I’ve never been afraid of not existing, it’s everyone around me that fears that.
But all I feel is my spirit resisting this second chance of permanence I have.


As I vaguely stare (with visual prosthesis) at an experiment not quite turned out as planned,
I’m left with no distinguishable features. God, I barely even recognize this man.

An hour ago, I went to see my doctors and they said something has spread into my brain.
Not the disease, no this was something different. When I asked what, they failed to fully explain.

A part of me interprets it familiar I guess it was just a matter of time.
A part of me says the other part’s inferior. Change my brain but will it change my mind?